PR Research

PR Research

As a PR student at Texas State University, I was required to conduct a research study before graduating. I, along with four other students, conducted a research study over the mental health resources at Texas State University. Our study examined Texas State students’ knowledge of the resources offered by Texas State and the Student Counseling Center for stress and mental health. It also examined what students wish to see Texas State implement for stress. The analysis revealed that most students are aware of the resources, but don’t have access to them or would like to see more available.

Our team named our PR firm Boko’s Best Public Relations, or BBPR for short. Our name comes from the mascot of Texas State, Boko, and how TXST wants students to be mentally and physically healthy in order to succeed in college. We conducted an online survey that consisted of 20 questions. This allowed us to analyze the stress and mental health of students, how they take care of it and what they’d like to see more of/implemented at TXST University. We received 63 responses, which were all used when analyzing our survey.

Sample from Research Study:

Conclusions and Future Studies

Based on this study’s research and analysis, BBPR concludes that Texas State University should look into offering more resources that help with stress management and mental health. They should also provide more availability with the counselors found at the Texas State Counseling Center.

BBPR proposes that future studies implement other ways of gathering data such as focus groups, in-depth interviews and participant observation to collect in-depth information in order to assess further information about stress and mental health at Texas State University. In order to get a better variety and more responses, future studies could include further outreach to collect more data than our online survey did. BBPR’s biggest limitation was that the survey was conducted during a global pandemic causing an economic shutdown, so we propose future studies be conducted while there isn’t something global causing more stress to students and limiting their ability to use the resources on campus.